Hydrostatic test is performed to detect leaks in the front and rear networks, furnace, body, and pass two using water pressure.

During the technical test process of the boiler, the boiler must be switched off at least 24 hours before the start of the process. Moreover, after cooling, the boiler preparation process, which includes blinding and closing all boiler routes (such as control tubes) , Safety valve, except for the water pump inlet and manometer (barometer) which must be open, rear network, furnace door (from the front of the boiler) and the rear door of the furnace to access the second pass are performed.

After cooling and preparing the boiler, initially by a thickness gauge (ultrasonic), the thickness of the front and rear nets, the furnace, the body and the double pass are measured and is recorded in the relevant checklist. Then, in order to perform the hydrostatic test, we ask the boiler operator to put the water pump in the manual position. At this stage, while draining the boiler, we ask the operator to open the boiler vent valve after performing the venting process and leaving the valve. Relevantly, the vent valve is closed and we allow the water pressure inside the boiler to rise to one and a half times the allowable pressure (water temperature should be equal to 7 degrees Celsius). Then, turn off the water pump and keep the boiler under the above pressure for 30 minutes.

During this period, we use a flashlight to inspect the front, rear, furnace, and pass 2 networks, and in case of any leakage, we immediately reduce the boiler pressure. At the end of the 30-minute hydrostatic test, the water pressure Lower and ask the operator to place the safety valve in place. Again, the pressure raising process proceeds to the stage of activation of the safety valve. Finally, if the safety valve is activated at the appropriate pressure, discharge the pressure and the hydrostatic testing process to it ends.

Inspection during construction is one of the main stages of the boiler inspection process, which will take a long time to make the product with this inspection.