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Petroleum and Industrial specialized Inspection (PSI) Company

Has technical facilities, specialized personnel and a certificate of expertise in technical inspection from the National Planning and Budget Organization, as well as technical inspection licenses under the ISIRI / ISO 17020 standard from the National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI) in the field of under pressure tanks’ inspection, Boilers, cranes and forklift, electric stairs and moving sidewalks, inspection of steel structures, welding and non-destructive tests. These services and laboratory tests, according to ISIRI / ISO 17025 standard, include hydrostatic testing of cylinders Seamless, CNG cylinders, hydrostatic testing of manual, wheeled and portable fire extinguishers, testing of welded carbon steel cylinders, fixed and transport tanks, valves used in liquefied gas and ammonia systems, Industrial metal valves, composite cylinders up to 600 bar pressure, various safety vents for liquefied gas and ammonia, as well as the Integrated Asset Management (IAM) services.