Annual technical testing and inspection of steam pot (boilers) and hot water boilers are as follows:

  • Checking control equipment and tools

  • thickness measurement of front, rear, body, rapper, furnace networks
  • hydrostatic testing process
  • Internal visual inspection of the water chamber
  • Internal visual inspection of the combustion chamber (furnace)
  • Checking the correct operation of control equipment such as control level, burner sensor, pressure switch, exhaust thermostat, etc.

Inspection reference standards:

  • standard BS2790: Steam and hot water boiler inspection
  • standard BS2790: Inspection standard for hot water boiler
  • BS2790-1992: International Standard British Standard Organization Code
  • Standard 13782: Technical specifications and test method for determining the energy consumption standard and instructions for energy labeling of boilers

Technical testing of steam boiler and hot water boiler is done in two stages:

  • Technical test in the construction stage of steam boiler and hot water boiler
  • Periodic technical test of steam boiler and hot water boiler

Note: The standard for making steam boilers is BS 2790 or ISIRI 4231 and the standard for making hot water boilers is BS 855 or ISIRI 7911.