Purpose of inspection of goods:

Lack of confidence in the other party and hesitation in fulfilling the obligations accepted by the other party is one of the concerns of sellers, especially buyers when conducting international transactions and purchasing goods. Due to this important matter, using the services of inspection companies is one of the tools that can be considered and utilized to examine and control the responsibilities of the seller before shipping the goods and receiving the money.


What services does Petroleum and Industrial specialized Inspection (PSI) Company provide in the field of product inspection?

Goods Inspection Unit of Petroleum and Industrial specialized Inspection (PSI) Company applies experienced inspectors and having extensive branches and agencies in and outside the country. Additionally, by receiving the certification of inspection companies (ISO 17020) from National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI), in accordance with the National Commodity Inspection Standards of Iran, this company is ready to provide all inspection services in a wide range of imported goods; including food, agricultural products, minerals, all consumer and industrial goods, as well as all equipment related to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries at the highest quality level and in the shortest time as follows:

  • Issuance of COI, VOC, IC certificates for presentation to banks and standards.
  • Inspection of imported and exported goods at origin and destination to ensure the quantity and quality of products.
  • Evaluate and approve the price of imported goods.
  • Audit and evaluation of the capacity and production capacity of factories in the country and abroad.
  • Performing technical inspection during construction and installation of industrial equipment in and out of the country according to reference standards, Q.C.P and I.T.P and issuance of relevant inspection certificates.